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Big Data: Predictable Outcomes = Predictable Rates

by Duane Crone | July 27th, 2017

I don’t want to say insurance people are predictable, but… Earlier this year, I attended the ABA’s Standing Committee on Professional Liability’s Spring Meeting in Boston. This was not my first time attending this annual affair, but it has been a few years. Turns out, not much has changed. Format was the same, and presentations were […]


Is Law School Failing its Grads?

by Duane Crone | July 6th, 2017

An Interesting Uptick in Error: Here’s a hunch about a growing danger for small firm practitioners. The latest study of lawyer claims published by the ABA seems to back it up. The most recent ABA claim study isolates 22 separate “Type of Alleged Error,” including everything from “failure to calendar properly” to “improper withdrawal/representation.” So what jumped […]


The Claims Process – a Tour Guide in Brief

by Duane Crone | June 6th, 2017

For several years now I’ve wanted to provide a helpful guide to lawyer professional liability insurance claims. This post will go over what they look like, how the claims process is handled by insurance companies, and what really happens when you report a claim (or something that “may or may not become a claim”). First off, Don’t […]


Good, or Fast & Cheap?

by Duane Crone | May 16th, 2017

Good Client Relationships Start with Knowledge: If you were a physician seeing a patient for the first time, you would require a basic health screening and medical history right off the bat. Even if a patient walks in with a broken arm, it’s the job of a physician to get the whole picture, so they […]


Risky Business

by Duane Crone | April 11th, 2017

It seems like everyone wants to know which areas of practice are the “riskiest”. Fortunately, the ABA has been collecting data on lawyer malpractice claims for about 40 years, and we know the answer. The two areas consistently at the top of the chart are plaintiff personal injury representation and real estate transactional work. In […]