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Retirement Risks: Future Proof Your Plan

by Duane Crone | October 21st, 2017

Retirement: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail Planning your retirement anytime in the next 5 years? Ask that question in a room of older attorneys from smaller firms and you will get a few hands bravely stuck upward. The lion’s share can’t really say, though, because they don’t really know. If pressed for an answer, […]


A Nice Defense

by Duane Crone | October 12th, 2017

Be Nice or Beware: There’s one simple step you can take today (and every day) if you want to reduce risk in your law practice: be nice. Admittedly, that can be easier said than done; the private practice of law is an adversarial endeavor by nature. Arguing aggressively and frequently is endemic to the profession. […]


When the End isn’t the End: Death and Taxes

by Duane Crone | September 26th, 2017

Planning for the Unexpected. How many lawyers will read a risk management piece about what needs to happen with a solo practice after the attorney’s unexpected death? I’m guessing not many, but I’m going to go ahead and write about it anyway. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. So, what will happen? Nothing good, I’m […]


Equifax Breach – What you can do

by Duane Crone | September 15th, 2017

The recent cyber security breach at Equifax has compromised the personally identifiable information [“PII”], including social security numbers and credit card details, of hundreds of thousands of individuals. There are a number of steps you can take to identify whether your PII has been stolen. First, go to the Equifax TrustedID website to check the […]


Big Data: Predictable Outcomes = Predictable Rates

by Duane Crone | July 27th, 2017

I don’t want to say insurance people are predictable, but… Earlier this year, I attended the ABA’s Standing Committee on Professional Liability’s Spring Meeting in Boston. This was not my first time attending this annual affair, but it has been a few years. Turns out, not much has changed. Format was the same, and presentations were […]