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Do you know that administrative errors are the single most common cause of legal malpractice insurance claims in New Jersey? Missed filing dates, lost paperwork, and other minor mistakes can lead to major claims. One New Jersey firm lost $163,000 due to a simple administrative oversight. These human errors are easy to make . . .and often hard to prevent.

As long as you are human, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered with legal malpractice insurance from a dependable, A-rated company. At Mainstreet Legal Malpractice Insurance, we’ve been keeping the humans in small firms and solo practices covered with dependable, affordable options since 1996.

At Mainstreet Legal Malpractice Insurance, we specialize in serving small firms and solo practitioners in New Jersey and across the nation. Because we eliminate the overhead and complex services needed by Big Law, we can keep our costs down and our focus where you want it – on you.

If you’re looking for affordable legal malpractice insurance in New Jersey, contact us for your free quote today. You’ll find out why small firms and solo practitioners in New Jersey trust Mainstreet Legal Malpractice Insurance to keep them covered.

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